LLC Farenkamp Projects is freight forwarding Company.
Our activities are:
1.    Carriage of cargo by subcontracted transport of following types:
Tilt trailers (82-120 cubic meters), thermo trucks, platforms for oversized cargo carriage, sprinters (3-8 loading meters).
2.    Organizing carriage of following kinds of cargo:
Project, high value goods, consolidated and part loads, oversized.
3.    Participation in documents preparation: Invoice, Packing List, CMR.
4.    Customs clearance in Europe: Carnet TIR, T1, EX.
5.    Consolidation of cargo.
6.    Ordering of permissions for oversized cargo transportations.
7.    Customs clearance in Belarus.
8.    Insurance of goods.
Directions we are specialized in:
Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium,  Luxemburg, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Slovak Republic,  Czech  Republic, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia
in/from  Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Our goal is to accomplish Your order accurately and on time.  For this reason we precisely control and provide:

Our slogan is Parity and Quality